ultra high purity aluminas

Ultra high purity aluminas

Sasol produces high purity and ultra-high purity alumina  under the CERALOX tradename. CERALOX is a trademarked brand for high purity gamma (γ-Al2O3), transitional (δ-Al2O3 and θ-Al2O3) and alpha alumina (α-Al2O3). Sasol utilizes its proprietary high temperature calcination, milling, and forming technologies to produce alumina with a wide variety of physical properties. CERALOX alumina is available as free-flowing powders, granules, spheres, and high density pellets. CERALOX alumina products are based on proprietary aluminum alkoxide production technology and are available with up to 99.999% purity. CERALOX aluminas have a unique combination of purity and tailored physical properties that make CERALOX alumina excellent starting materials for a variety of applications including: sapphire crystal growth, lighting, inorganic chemical synthesis, alumina coatings, thermal spray, phosphors, polishing, and technical ceramics.


Technical data sheets for ceramic applications


Technical data sheets for crystal growth applications


Technical data sheets for lamp coatings applications


Technical data sheets for phosphor/luminescent applications


Technical data sheets for high purity thermal spray applications 


Technical data sheets for magnesium aluminate spinel