Sasol Werk Brunsbüttel


Brunsbüttel is Sasol Germany's largest production site. It produces a broad range of organic and inorganic products. The facility is located 80 kilometres northwest of Hamburg near the Kiel Canal and has excellent logistic connections.


Our product portfolio comprises:

  • Fatty alcohols and derivatives based on petrochemical and oleochemical feedstocks
  • Guerbet alcohols
  • Paraffins
  • High-purity triethylaluminium
  • High-purity aluminas (oxides and hydroxides) as well as mixed metal oxides and hydroxides, including silica-aluminas und hydrotalcites (aluminium-magnesium hydroxides)
  • Ultra-high purity alumina

The site's organic products are used in a range of daily applications, for example in detergents and cleaning agents, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, as well as in various technical applications. Among other applications, our inorganic products are key components in catalysts, high-performance abrasives and polymer additives.


Brunsbüttel contact

Sasol Germany GmbH
Fritz-Staiger-Str. 15
25541 Brunsbüttel


Tel.: +49 48 52392-0
Fax: +49 48 52328-5