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Inorganic Specialities

Our Inorganic Speciality Chemicals Division is one of the world’s leading producers of high-purity and ultra-high purity synthetic aluminas, alumina hydrates and further products based on aluminium alcoholates. Our aluminas have a particularly high level of chemical purity and high dispersibility. Key characteristics including pore volume, particle size and specific surface area can be adapted to customers’ requirements. Our portfolio already comprises more than 400 customised product specifications.


Among other applications, our products are used as catalyst supports in the automotive industry as well as in the chemical industry and in refineries, plastic additives and high-performance abrasives. In addition, they are used in the manufacture of synthetic sapphires, which are utilised in the production of LED lights and scratch-resistant glass for watches, checkout scanners and consumer electronics.


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High purity alumina, alumina-hydrates and related materials derived from aluminium alkoxides
Ultra-high purity alumina