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Our Organics Division is a leading global producer of linear alkyl benzene (LAB), fatty alcohols, short-chain linear alpha olefins and surfactants. We offer our customers one of the most diversified portfolios of C6+ alcohols and surfactant derivatives worldwide. In addition, we also produce a range of speciality chemicals including phase change materials (PCMs). Among other applications, our products are used in detergents and cleaning agents, cosmetics, paints and lacquers, the leather and metal processing industry as well as in diverse specialist applications, for example as raw materials in aroma production or plastic stabilisation and as co-catalysts in polymer production.


Our customers rely on our products as essential ingredients for detergents and cleaning agents, cosmetics, paints and lacquers, leather and metal processing as well as diverse specialist applications such as oil and gas recovery, aroma production, plastic stabilisation and polymer production where our products serve as co-catalysts.


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Fatty Alcohols & Derivates
blends and single fractions of linear, semi-linear and branched alcohols and Guebert alcohols
linear alkyl benzene (LAB), n-olefins and paraffins
anionic & nonionic surfactants
Specialty Surfactants (ALFOTERRA®/SOLOTERRA®)
among other for Enhanced Oil Recovery
Organic Intermediates
alkanolamines, alkyphenols und ethyleneoxide
adipates, phthalates and trimelitates