Nachhaltigkeit als Unternehmenspolitik bei Sasol


Sasol in Germany is committed to long-term success that embraces the goal of sustainability as a core element of its corporate policy. Sustainable action means to us that we take equal account of environmental, safety and social aspects as well as economic objectives in all entrepreneurial decisions. By doing this, we aim to contribute to a balanced orientation to the needs of today’s generation and the quality of life of future generations.


We fulfil our commitment to sustainable business management through various measures and initiatives, for example our voluntary participation in the chemical industry’s Responsible Care® Initiative and the implementation of our corporate governance through our integrated management systems. We demonstrate our social commitment in terms of our corporate social responsibility (CSR) – through the voluntary inclusion of social and environmental concerns in our business activities and by structuring our relationships to our stakeholders, including customers, suppliers and employees, sustainably. At the same time, we actively rise to the challenges that emerge from our commitment to the highest possible safety, health and environmental standards.


In the context of our sustainability strategy, we take equal account of economic, environmental and social objectives. Our strategy is never oriented solely to short-term successes, but always aims at the enduring existence of our company, constructive collaboration in partnership with our business partners, customers, neighbours and employees, as well as the preservation of natural resources. In this way, our entrepreneurial actions are based on the values that apply across the entire Sasol Group: “Safety,” “People,” “Integrity,” “Accountability”, “Stakeholder focus” and “Excellence in all we do.”