Nachhaltigkeit als Unternehmenspolitik bei Sasol

Product safety

As a chemical company, Sasol in Germany bears a special responsibility for the provision of sustainable products and solutions that do not cause harm to humans or the environment. We only manufacture products that fulfil the highest quality and safety requirements when used as intended. In addition we ensure that we can produce, store, transport, use and dispose of our products without posing a risk to humans or the environment.

Besides adhering to global product safety requirements, we cooperate closely with our customers to develop products and solutions that enable the resource-efficient, clean, safe and socially responsible production and use of chemicals. Furthermore, Sasol Germany contributes to sustainable development by providing special feedstock for future-oriented end products such as ultra-high purity alumina for the production of the artificial sapphires used in energy-efficient LED technologies.

Moreover, Sasol applies scientifically proven approaches (environmental performance evaluation, life-cycle analysis) to assess the environmental and social impacts of its products throughout their life cycle. The results of these assessments are used as a basis for sustainable investment decisions.