Nachhaltigkeit als Unternehmenspolitik bei Sasol


Sasol Germany sets the highest possible standards for safety, health and environmental protection. In all our activities, the protection of our employees, our neighbours and our environment enjoys top priority and, in case of conflict, takes precedence over economic considerations. The focus of our safety management lies in prevention. Our commitment to the goal of “zero harm” is firmly rooted in our corporate culture.


Our employees receive safety briefings and specific training courses on important aspects of environmental and industrial safety regularly and when required. Individual hazard assessments of work processes and single tasks sensitise our employees to potential dangers and thus enable counteractive measures to be taken on time. We use special behaviour-based programmes to reinforce our employees’ safety-conscious behaviour and the associated communication. In the course of regular safety discussions with our employees, we continually identify potential for improvement.


By carrying out regular maintenance, we ensure our production plants have a high level of technical availability and we make sure that the plants are operated according to the latest technological standards. With the aid of systematic HAZOP (HAZard and OPerability analysis) studies, we examine our systems for potential hazards and their consequences and determine fault prevention measures. Using a “management of change” process, we ensure that changes to the plants are checked for safety and environmental effects by several departments.


Above and beyond this, we are diligent in carefully selecting our transport partners to ensure transport safety and carry out site inspections and fact-oriented investigations of the causes following incidents and near-incidents. Regular exchange of experiences among our safety experts, which also includes dialogue with other international business units of Sasol Limited, forms an integral part of our safety activities.


Our safety measures and the implementation of our goals are regularly assessed by independent experts according to international guidelines and as part of OHSAS 18001 certification audits.