MARLOTHERM heat-transfer fluids are designed for indirect cooling and heating of production, conversion processes and energy recovery and ensure dependable operation in the temperature range from -90°C to 360°C.


The fluids are available in a number of products formulated for pressurised and non-pressurised systems. MARLOTHERM fluids help achieve safer operations, lower capital costs and reduced maintenance costs.

We offer the following products:


Temperature range from -5°C to 350°C


MARLOTHERM SH is our high-performance, synthetic heat-transfer fluid for non-pressurised systems and temperatures up to 350ºC (bulk outlet temperature) and 380ºC (film temperature). It provides excellent thermal stability and is miscible with MARLOTHERM LH for specific requirements.


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Temperature range from -30°C to 360°C


This high-performance, synthetic, organic heat-transfer fluid is utilised in the liquid phase and vapour-liquid phase in closed heat-transfer systems with forced circulation. The product was developed especially for combined heating and cooling cycles.


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Temperature range from -10°C to 300°C


MARLOTHERM N is our synthetic organic heat-transfer fluid that can replace mineral oil-based heat-transfer fluids. The product can still be pumped at -10°C and remains thermally stable at high temperatures.


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Temperature range from -7°C to 300°C


The heat-transfer fluid MARLOTHERM FG features high-temperature resistance and is used in the food sector. MARLOTHERM FG complies with the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulation CFR 21, parts 178.3530 and 178.3650. The product was allocated to the category HT1 (incidental food contact) by the NSF.


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Temperature range from -80°C to 200°C


MARLOTHERM XD is our synthetic organic heat-transfer fluid utilised in the liquid phase in non-pressurised systems in lower temperature ranges. MARLOTHERM XD complies with the FDA regulation CFR 21 parts 178.3530 and 178.3650.


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Temperature range from -90°C to 300°C


The heat-transfer fluid MARLOTHERM  XC is for combined heating and refrigeration cycles. This product was developed especially for use in cooling systems.


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ILEXAN PSA is a cleaning fluid for heat-transfer systems that have been contaminated by mud and sediments. It can be added to the heat-transfer fluid for cleaning the heat-transfer system during operation.



If you need further information about our products or if you would like to test your heat-transfer fluid, please contact us.